After stumbling upon his debut album by luck, I got the pleasure of asking Nick Lyon the 24 year old rapper from New York a few questions from how he got into music to his debut album and what he has planned for the future. Check out the interview below with some interesting answers in my opinion and a big thank you to Nick Lyon for taking the time to answer the questions for me!

Q1) At what age did you start to take a interest in rapping and what was the main reason for doing so?

I started rhyming in middle school. It started as poetry and just evolved from there.

Q2 How long did your debut album Channel61 take to complete and what does the name stand for?

Channel61 took about a year to create. The title stands for The National Geographic Channel…..which here is Channel 61. Thus the lion interludes.

Q3) I notice all production is handled by a fellow NY resident DAO JONES what is the connection between you guys how did you meet or hear about each other?

Me and Dao Jones knew of each other but didn’t really know each other that well before the project. I approached him for the production and just throughout the creating process we became good friends. We ended starting another project while down in Panama City beach , Florida for spring break promoting called The RapperProblems EP, which turned into a multi-city tour.

Q4) What can we expect in the future more original music or any remixes of popular songs?

I’m already in the studio working on my next EP , and The RapperProblems EP should be dropping this fall.


Check out Nick Lyon (above) on facebook, soundcloud, his website and instagram @NickLyon.

You can stream or download his Album Channel61 below.


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