Avicii’s next album titled “True” is set to be released on 17th September 2013, but here at Unorthodox Music we are giving you the opportunity to preview each track from the new album. These tracks have kindly been sourced by the guys over at fistintheair, thanks to them for putting them all in one place. You can preview the tracks in the player below. We are looking forward to this album, some people have said that this is Avicii’s way of pushing the boundaries of Electronic Dance music. Recently at Ultra Music Festival he played a selection of the tracks from this new album and the crowd’s reaction was extremely mixed. A portion of his fans even went as far as booing. Personally i like what he has done on this album, and wouldn’t like to criticize him for trying something new. Afterall this is the guy who started it all with Levels!

Everything General / Other House Top-40 / Mashup

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