This is apparently Paris Hilton’s next single and well… It’s everything you would expect. However you don’t need me to tell you that because I’m sure you are quite capable of reaching a decision on how bad it is for yourself. Unlike whoever decided to give this abomination the go ahead. You may remember a while back when she released ‘Good Time’ needless to say I was quick to voice my opinion on that and I quote ‘it sounded like Rebecca Black going ham over a toddlers first EDM beat.’ This one is no exception either. It also lacks star features such as the ever talented Lil Wayne. But hey, if you have nothing better to do or fancy giving your eardrums a hard time then by all means give it a listen. Or why not have another listen to ‘Good time’. Just make sure to leave me a comment telling me how much of a good time you are having! If by some chance you like it, then you can grab a copy on Itunes.


I’ve also included a link to the original post on ‘Good Time’ – Here


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