Check out our playlist featuring almost 140 tracks from all 52 DJs performing at Lost Village Festival, from Fatboy Slim and Doorly to Jackmaster and Eats Everything. This is another great line up for 2016 with a mix of house, tech house, techno and electro.

“Long since concealed from the outside world, the Lost Village has been a source of suspicion and rumour for generations. From apparitions in the skies above its rustling treetops, to the misplaced souls that wonder it’s leafy corridors, plucked from the sands of time itself.

So, if you think you’re ready, take the road past the old fishing lake, towards the water tower. Ahead you’ll see a rusty gate, nestled amongst the darkened bushes, and a sign that reads ‘Keep Out!’. Beyond that gate is where you need to go, for beyond that gate is the forest of the Lost Village.

Once inside we can no longer promise your fate. Amongst the derelict buildings and winding pathways, you will encounter all manner of unusual characters. Speak to them, hear their stories, join their journey.

A kaleidoscopic dreamscape of sights, sounds, secret hideaways, banquets of fine food and rituals of the weird and wonderful all await those who dare to enter this mysterious place.

The gateway opens but once a year… Assemble your tribe, the Lost Village awaits.”

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