Holla! It’s Whopps, I’m a writer here at Unorthodox Music, you might have seen some of my other posts on the site, however I thought I would change up the format for this post and attempt a video. There are some minor errors but hey, thats life! Big up to Johnny for hooking us up with some goodies! The album can be purchased on iTunes here and you can stream all the tracks here which will give you a taste of the style of music that Grady Welbourn aka Johnny Active makes. The album itself is a collection of songs which have grown on me the more I listen, its a nice casual album with a well rounded feel too the sound. I can honestly say there isn’t a bad track in my opinion which is rare for me these days as I tend to be pretty critical, on another note the album features also add to the sound nicely. You can stream in full Johnny’s mixtape “The Grady Bunch” here which is also well worth a listen and purchase if you’re that kind of person. Hope you have enjoyed this slightly different post and thank you again to Johnny Active for the goodies! Johnny should also have a video coming out soon so look out for that on his facebook and follow him @JohnnyActive.



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