I’m sure for most of you i don’t need to introduce Hoodie Allen. Born in 1988 in New York, Steven h Markowitz started writing lyrics as a kid and performing at house parties. After leaving college he took up a job at Google, he would work all day there and then when he arrived home, start writing lyrics, replying to fan emails and arranging gigs. His passion was music, so when he got the opportunity to start performing he left Google.

He has released a fair number of Albums and EPs since 2009, His third mixtape Leap Year hit 250k Soundcloud plays in its week of release. Come 2012 he bought out an EP titled ‘All American’ which showcased some of his best music to date. Today marks the release of Americoustic – It currently sits at #6 album on iTunes.



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Everything General / Other Hip-Hop / Rap / Grime

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