Hellogoodbye just released the video for their newest single from their upcoming album of the same name  ‘Everything Is Debatable’ The album is set to be released on the 29th October and they have taken a slightly different direction from their past genre of synthpop its a little more laid back but still something you most definitely vibe too with a catchy chorus. The band first formed way back in 2001 and the members of the group have since changed drastically with only the lead singer Forrest Kline present from the beginning, this helps to explain the genre change but the vocals are still very much on point. Some reading this post will definitely remember the name Hellogoodbye for their single “Here (In Your Arms)” which was a popular hit back back in 2006 and one I have fond memories of so check out the video for that below!

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Everything General / Other Rock / Alternative / Indie

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