Just A Gent

Just A Gent started producing tracks when he was 8-years-old. He chose the moniker Just A Gent as an ode to his high school mates who were referred to as “The Gents” by their peers and his style was inspired by deadmau5 and Daft Punk, both acts had unique styles which made them stand out amongst the crowd. He names Seven Lions, Arty, Skrillex and Gramatik as his biggest influences as well as MR•CAR/\ACK, osky, Apache and NGHTMRE. Having prolific output, Just A Gent produces at least one track a day and he has lost track of how many tracks he has produced over the course of his career.
We remember tuning in to Just a Gent’s Room Service mix back in peak pandemic 2020. You can catch that here: Room Service Set

Just A Gent is on tour in June in a series of dates in Australia. You can cop tickets here: Tour Tickets

The Vocal

Courtesy of Australian singer/ songwriter Sammi Constantine from Sydney, New South Wales. She wrote this track with Just A Gent 7 years ago and is “so happy that it’s finally out” – We can see why, her vocal adds so much to the production to tie it all together.

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