Okay so that is not totally true, what we mean is that SFX Entertainment in partnership with Corona and Beatport are creating a new beach festival in Weston Super Mare called ‘Corona Sunsets’. It’s part of a series of festivals also taking place on beaches around the world in countries such as Spain, Mexico and Canada. It’s set to take place on Saturday 5th July 2014 on the very beach pictured above. The event is being worked on by the same creative team as Tomorrowland.

With artists such as Disclosure, Annie Mac, Eats Everything, MK, B.Traits and Kidnap Kid on the lineup, this is definitely one to take seriously.

“We’re thrilled to create this new beach concept”, said Chris Stephenson, Chief Marketing Officer at SFX Entertainment. “At any moment of the day, SunSets has its own special charm. We use Mother Nature’s own magnificent fireball as a natural backdrop for the pivotal moment of the event – the sunset.

“As shadows grow longer and the sun lights up the evening sky, the music gradually shifts from deep melodic, easy tunes to a more up-tempo beat. Each festival will host a maximum of 5,000 – 8,000 festival-goers.

“Finally, as we watch a star rise, we’ll celebrate the achievement by restoring the pristine nature of our beaches around the world, protecting them for future generations.

“Through a partnership with the Foundation of Environmental Education (FEE) – a leading environmental NGO, and their global Blue Flag Initiative, Corona SunRise – Save the Beach will catalyze local communities to advocacy and action. With every beach adopted and restored, we’ll recognize the shared effort through access to SunSets Festivals.”

The first set of early bird tickets for Corona Sunsets are currently available at £20pp, however we are told they are very limited. You can Buy them here.


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