The latest addition to the Unorthodox family, TheFatRat, a very talented producer originating from Germany. We have been following him since he started and have watched him as he has grown into the rat he is today. We asked him a few questions to help you all to get to know him! The track found above is his latest Christmas Mixtape ensuring the holy night is not too silent. Also included is is remix of Icona Pop – All Night which is instantly recognisable by his funky, glitch-disco, electro-house, infectious sound.

Q1) How did the come to the name TheFatRat?

A) That name comes from my nickname in school. I was just called “the rat” there. Then people started giving the rat attributes like “the mean rat” and such. When I started playing online games, I used TheFatRat the first time. BTW, that was around the year 2000, so it was definitely not inspired by Deadmau5.

We believe you! Besides, the rat is surely mightier than the mouse. 

Q2) When did you start producing/ Djing?

A) Producing looong before Djing. I started in 2002. But as you can see, it took me a long time to get to a point were I somewhat like what I produce. About DJing: I don’t even really consider myself as a DJ. I know some real DJ’s with 1210 turntables and I would never compare myself to these guys. Most “DJ’s” today are electronic music artists in my opinion. I started that in 2012.

Q3) What would you say your major influences are?

A) Definitely Skrillex. I know, I know. He is totally not hipster because 12 year old kids listen to him. But he is such an amazing producer. Especially his early work is inspiring for me. Mad Cats are also one of my favorites.

Q4) Which other Artists or Djs inspire you?

A) Often music styles that have nothing to do with electronic music. I love Queen! But also Beethoven and Jason Mraz.

Q5) Whats next for TheFatRat?

A) Right now I’m finally getting back to focus on production again. I’ll do more bootleg remixes and free music. It’s cool to do work for record labels, but it makes things so much more complicated.

We look forward to more of your bootlegs and music, we can’t get enough of your individual disco glitchy sound.

Q6) If you could pick to work with one Artist or Producer who would it be?

A) Hummm. I’m usually not much of a coop-guy to be honest. But if you’d get me Freddie Mercury back from heaven into my studio, I’d definitely not say no.

We will try our best! I know we work magic but that may be a little too magic!

Q7) What advice would you give to someone just starting out?

A) I’m really bad in giving advice because in my humble opinion everybody has to find his or hers own way. What might be right for one person might be totally wrong for the next. Just do what you love to do.

Q8) Do you have plans to come to the UK?

A) I hope! I’ve been to the UK a few times. Not for playing shows though. The people are great and have the best sense of humor. So I hope I’ll get there soon.

Well hopefully we will change that in the future, we would love to have you for a show! We look forward to seeing you here!

Q9) Which single track is your favorite / never fails to impress?

A) Queen – Somebody to love

Q10) What would we find in your refrigerator if we looked right now?

A) Haha! Healthy food to be honest. And some mulled wine for Christmas time.

So there you have it, a disco glitch rat who drinks mulled wine! We are proud to have TheFatRat as one of our supported acts, you will of course hear more from us and the rat in the future. Below are a couple of our other favorite remixes by TFR himself.

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