Paris Hilton has a new track out, it’s titled “Good Time”. I can tell you that on first listen, I wasn’t surprised that I had anything but a good time. Produced by Afrojack, you expect this track to live up to his standards, even if the vocals from Paris and Lil Wayne may detract from his normally fairly good work. As I’m writing this, I chose to listen to the track again to make sure I hadn’t come to a decision too quickly, however on second listen it was even worse. I am struggling to understand if this track was meant as a joke or not, although I can only assume it wasn’t. “Are you having a good time” Paris asks us during this close to four minute jumble of sound and embarrassment. The truth, I am having a good time, laughing at what a badly sounding track they have managed to create. Don’t quote me on this but the lyrics don’t seem to make sense, for instance Paris sings:

I came here just to party
All this don’t you hate on me, yeah
Got my sexy girls with me
Oh, I love it

… I came here just to party, All this don’t you hate on me, yeah? What does that even mean? Paris if you’re reading this feel free to drop a comment and enlighten me. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has no idea if you can even form a logical sentence at the moment. I’m quite amazed that at no point during the production of this track, nor before it became available to the public did someone not tell them that it sounded like Rebecca Black going ham over a toddlers first EDM beat.

I haven’t even started to talk about how Afrojack is apparently whipped by Paris and should really man up and stop producing for her before his career goes out the window. How quite Paris Hilton managed to secure her residency at Amnesia in Ibiza I have no idea, but I do know that her slot should be given to a DJ with perhaps a little more talent (no offence Paris). Also take into account I have never seen her perform live, so that opinion is based purely on her work to date. Lil Wayne’s contribution to the track doesn’t make much sense to me either. “She fucked me like she love me, Love is such a science, do you think it’s love? Thanks for not replying, It’s Paris Hilton, bitch” If you can make sense of that then I salute you and welcome you to let me know what it is I appear to be missing. Honestly I don’t want it to sound like I’m hating on the track for no reason, after listening to it over and over I start to understand what they were aiming for when they made the track. The video also gives it slightly more depth, but only just. I’ll let you all draw your own conclusions, it is kinda catchy I guess.


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