Soothing dreamscapes are punctuated by punctual beats and piano that happily skips back and forth over the track, before a slight tempo increase doesn’t exactly make the listener sit up and take notice but accentuates the spiralling melodies. While Dream-Spark doesn’t build to a climax, the process of it audibly ‘building’ is one to savour.

That said, the Toronto-based musician classes himself as ‘endless drift’, possibly establishing a new subgenre of sorts. His other self-identified genre is that of dreampop, which is more noticeable (and just as enjoyable) on the gorgeous Moonlight, featuring vocals that soothingly mix in with the audio tapestries.

With a song premiered on Phil Taggart’s show on Radio 1 and a steadily growing bank of available Soundcloud material, Noble Oak’s star may soon be in the ascent, and deservedly so.


See/hear more at:

Chillax Everything

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