When I first listened to this remix it became apparent that it was a complete re imaging of the a classic. Everyone knows the original in question, ‘Little talks’ is recognisable anywhere. Thomas Jack decided to give it a light, airy almost outdoor feel, achieving this through the use of a pan flutes, jungle conga drums and Caribbean chimes. It comes as no surprise to me that he is from Sydney, Australia. At 20 years old, that makes him the same age as me, and what he has achieved so far is nothing short of noteworthy. Acknowledged by Tiesto and 4 #1s on the Hype Machine charts in the past couple of months! Whilst this remix has no trouble in keeping hold of the emotion from the original, it also adds a stronger feel good vibe. I see no reason it wouldn’t fit into a set or pool party playlist, we will just have to hold onto it until next summer! He has also remixed one of my all time favourite tracks, ‘Teenage Crime’ which you can check out here:


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