Recently released for streaming, this track is from an album featuring a number of relatively well known and upcoming artists from America featuring bigger names like T.Mills, Yonas, Timeflies and Sam Adams. As well as some other favourites like Radical Something, M.i, Tayyib Ali, Somo and others. After hearing just two tracks from this album I can’t wait for it to be released which isn’t too much of a wait luckily with it being released on the 10/8/13. This Jared Evan track mixes his ability to rap and sing with a catchy hook and snappy verses, fans of him won’t have to wait long for new music as he is currently working on his new album! Be on the lookout for posts on other tracks from this album and a post on the album when it drops.

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Everything General / Other Hip-Hop / Rap / Grime

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