This song is taking dancefloors across the globe by storm. Fatboy Slim teams up with Riva Starr to create a track which takes you on a journey. Allegedly this is how they came up with the idea, quoted from the man Fatboy Slim himself.

“Me and stef (riva starr) were out vinyl shopping in williamsburg,
brooklyn earlier this year when we met this dude ranting in the street
about some 3 day bender he had been on (and possibly still was….)
we hooked him into our serato and chopped him up into a tune.
I just wish we’d caught his full name…….”

Honestly this is one of my favorite tracks of 2013, It fascinates me in the way that it tells its story. It’s rare for a dance track to tell a story and this makes the track stand out, with lines such as “Sorry dude i thought you were an object” and “Dancing to the hum of the fridge” you know this track can keep a first time listener entertained. It appears to be a hit in the worlds super clubs as we have heard it being played in both Ibiza and Mallorca. The lyrics ” Eat Sleep Rave Repeat” sound all too familiar to our regular week.


Everything General / Other House

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