In my opinion there is nothing better than stumbling across an artist that you have never heard and instantly falling in love with their music and I was fortunate to give this new release by Coolroy a play after browsing djbooth. The journey he has been on in the past two years is explained in the image at the bottom of the page and this made me realise that I truly have no reason to feel so down about life. Every song on the project is a part of the journey Coolroy has been on in life and you can hear the passion and emotion he has put in throughout.

To me this is something that makes this project really special, their are some songs that everyone can relate to such as “Same Song” where he raps about the struggles of love and the emotional conflicts it can cause to a person. And after listening to the project fully you start to feel an emotional connection to songs that you relate to yourself and also to Coolroy. It’s simply refreshing in the music scene today to hear a project where the artist has given such a raw view into his emotions and thoughts. I encourage you to simply sit back and play this project from start to finish and just listen to the lyrics you wont be let down. My personal favourites are Fade Away, With You and I’m Fine which was inspired by an event in Coolroys life.

“There was this girl named Elizabeth . I used to write about her all of the time. She meant the world to me. She died. This song and video was inspired by her” Check out the video for that here.

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