Back in December we here at Unorthodox Music went on a little trip over to the French alps for Ibiza Rocks the Snow’s launch week. This feature is going to detail what we got up to and give you a little bit more information about what goes on both on and off the slopes in Meribel and the surrounding areas.

On hearing about Ibiza Rocks expanding to the alps, we knew it was something we wanted to be a part of. For those of you who haven’t been lucky enough to visit either Ibiza or Mallorca Rocks in the past, they are fantastic venues / hotels who consistently book amazing talent from around the world to play on their stages. Couple that with a great holiday and the best weather you can imagine and you are probably somewhere near. Anyway, back to the alps.

On arriving at our hotel, it was around 1am local time, the staff offered to bring us dinner to our hotel room despite the time. It was a pretty good way to make a first impression. The view from our balcony the next morning wasn’t bad either!


We stayed in Hotel Le Mottaret, it’s all inclusive and you can ski to the front door making it very accessible to and from the slopes. There is a hot tub and during the Ibiza rocks weeks, normally a DJ playing the terrace every day. It’s the perfect place to relax in the sun after you have been out on the slopes or when you are getting ready to go out.

The first night, it was the RailJam in Meribel Centre. We hooked up with Kevin Backstrom  & Tor Lundstrom pictured below. (They’re kind of a big deal in the snowboarding world)


After the RailJam, we cought Doorly and NicolaBear’s sets in O’Sullivans, a club in a cave in Meribel. It was an honor to meet the legend that is Doorly and amazing to get to know the Bear.


The schedule for IRtS is jam packed to bring you as much music as possible, there are sets from multiple Djs and performances from bands every night and some venues such as Le Rond Point which is situated on the side of a slope, offer daytime Dj sets to keep you entertained. Underneath: K1R3Y spins some tunes on the terrace.


In the evening we had the pleasure of seeing Kissy Sell Out perform a set, he has a huge amount of talent and we recommend you see him live if you have the chance


It’s worth checking him out on Soundcloud, his mix from control at Avalon is similar and pretty amazing.

We did actually manage to get some skiing done during the week too, in-between the countless parties and sets. Unfortunately the only picture I’m going to give you is of this cable car, Pretty… isn’t it?


Check out these two posers @NicolaBear and @Ste-V-Something, both amazing people and equally talented DJs.


Ibiza definitely Rocks.


It’s worth pointing out, that musically there really is something for everyone, it’s not all Djs. There is a wide range of local and international talent put on throughout the week. Bands such as The Elements, Lucius Brave and Clean Bandit all took to the stage.


We had a great time during our stay with Ibiza Rocks in Meribel, there was a good selection of acts to keep everyone entertained and the vibe seems to have carried over from the other warmer locations that Rocks attendees are used to. We met some amazing people and would like to thank the following people for making it possible and also for making us so welcome. We have interviews from the Rocks Residents still to come so stay tuned for those!

Special Thanks to;

Lisa FaichneyStephen Guy
Ryan HughesNicola Bear
Jordan HallpikePatrick Nazemi
Toby BurrowsMartin Doorly
Daniel Kirby

If you would like more information on attending Ibiza Rocks the Snow, head over to the website at