Swedish House Mafia – Leave The World Behind Movie Premier Review


 “A genuine insight into the lives of three seemingly normal Swedish guys, Only they are anything but normal, They are the Swedish House Mafia”

Last Friday we had the pleasure of attending the UK premier of Swedish House Mafia’s upcoming movie, ‘Leave the World Behind’ in London. Here’s how we think it went.


En-route to the film, personally I didn’t really know what to expect. I presumed the movie would include some tour footage, some information about how SHM started and then how and why they decided to call an end to it, but other than that I was very open minded about what we were going to see and about how the film could be structured.

The footage above shows how before the movie had even started, people were on their feet, dancing and raving. The majority of the audience were obviously fans of this kind of music and this created a unique atmosphere within the cinema that is rare to come across, and even rarer happens before the movie has started. (Apologies for the not so impressive footage quality)

Once the movie started, it was quick to captivate the audience. Within minutes it had already conveyed honest emotion and bought the viewers into the world of Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello. These three together created one of the most influential DJ collectives the world has ever seen.

We shared intimate moments with the families of the guys resulting in spikes of humor throughout the film, however a serious undertone was present and you could feel that something wasn’t quite right with the group. You saw behind closed doors and learnt information not previously available to the public or fans. This includes reasons for the split and the guys individual opinions on these. Without giving much away, you end up empathising with one member of the group more than the others. The movie gave the impression that one member had more to do with the breaking up of Swedish House Mafia than the other two.

The film goes right back to the beginning to before SHM was created. It was very interesting to see how the group met and became friends. The entire situation was very easy to relate to and I think many people who watch the movie will see similarities between their own friendships and those of SHM.

The music and sounds used  emphasised the atmosphere & feelings of the people involved, the soundtrack includes many fan favorites. Previously I was not aware of the huge scale of the SHM performances. Footage used from their last tour was incredible and the audience was in awe as to the sheer size of the venues. It even touched on their tour managers views and what it was like working with them.

To summarise, Swedish House Mafia is no more. To a-lot of people it’s a huge loss but I’m sure they will live on through their existing music. They will remain in their fans hearts for years to come. However we have to remember that they will each continue to perform and create music separately. We look forward to supporting each of them individually and seeing what they can come up with musically. Taking on board what has already been said in this feature, you can catch Axwell and Ingrosso at a selection of dates playing alongside each other and Steve, well Steve’s doing his own thing.