Fatboy Slim & Riva Starr “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat”

This song is taking dancefloors across the globe by storm. Fatboy Slim teams up with Riva Starr to create a track which takes you on a journey. Allegedly this is how they came up with the idea, quoted from the man Fatboy Slim himself.

“Me and stef (riva starr) were out vinyl shopping in williamsburg,
brooklyn earlier this year when we met this dude ranting in the street
about some 3 day bender he had been on (and possibly still was….)
we hooked him into our serato and chopped him up into a tune.
I just wish we’d caught his full name…….”

Honestly this is one of my favorite tracks of 2013, It fascinates me in the way that it tells its story. It’s rare for a dance track to tell a story and this makes the track stand out, with lines such as “Sorry dude i thought you were an object” and “Dancing to the hum of the fridge” you know this track can keep a first time listener entertained. It appears to be a hit in the worlds super clubs as we have heard it being played in both Ibiza and Mallorca. The lyrics ” Eat Sleep Rave Repeat” sound all too familiar to our regular week.

http://www.fatboyslim.net | http://www.rivastarr.com

Showtek & Noisecontrollers – Get Loose (Vanic Remix) [PREVIEW]

You may remember we recently sat down and interviewed Vanic, We talked to him about everything from who influences him to which Djs he’d take on a date! In that interview he told us that he was working on a new remix. This is a preview of that remix and we think it sounds great. Hes taken on a really well known EDM anthem and given it his own spin. Check it out above. Get loose should be available in the near future.

http://www.facebook.com/djvanic | https://soundcloud.com/djvanic | https://twitter.com/djvanic

Jaymes Young – Dark Star (Jez Dior/SmarterChild Remix)

Jez Dior hops on Smarter Child s remix of James Young’s hit Dark star which is personally one of my favourite tracks with its mesmerizing hypnotic beat and the fantastic vocal talent of James young. This remix just adds another dimension to the song with Jez Dior gracing it with his smooth flow and lyricism as well as a more upbeat tempo to the song from Smarter Child. Both these artists have great solo material so please check them out in the links provided!

Check out Jez Dior’s amazing album Scarle†† Sagefacebook and twitter.

Check out Jaymes Young on soundcloud, facebook and twitter.

Naughty Boy – Lifted Feat. Emeli Sande (Kat Krazy Extended Mix)

Kat Krazy is on a roll, producing amazing remix after remix of chart hits. The latest track to be transformed is Naughty Boy’s Lifted featuring Emeli Sande. The uplifting dance chords create an electro banger which seems somehow familiar.

Taken from his soundcloud :
“Kat Krazy, the unavoidable force taking the UK music scene by storm, has become one of the hottest remixers and producers to have been propelled into music stardom in recent years. Having worked on tracks for a whole host of chart-topping artists including Coldplay, Rihanna, Nicole Scherzinger, Foster The People, Marina & The Diamonds and Pixie Lott, he is quickly building a remix discography that is putting the Kat Krazy phenomenon firmly on the map. Proof that his signature sound isn’t solely for the world’s dance floors, his remixes have received huge support from Radio 1, Capital and Kiss, showing the Kat Krazy finesse to translate into pulse driving sound no matter the setting.”

My personal favorite remix by Kat Krazy is this one of Bastille’s Pompeii

You can check him out here :

Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Lil Dicky Flames

It’s Wednesday which fans of Lil Dicky will know are referred to as “Hump Day” Lil Dicky has gained huge exposure over social media from his viral video Ex Boyfriend currently just short of 4 million views at 3,835,471! His new track Flames is his first track not available for free download but is certainly worth the $1 price tag available to purchase here. Check out the great visual above which is certainly easy on the eyes due to the incredible body of Melissa Soria hope you enjoy.

 Click below to be download Lil Dicky’s debut mixtape So Hard which consists of 17 full tracks.

 Also check out his facebooksoundcloudtwitter and website!

Bastille – Things We Lost In The Fire (SaneBeats Remix)

If you don’t know Bastille then you should by now! They have been taking the UK by storm for the past year. With two albums and a couple of mix-tapes out so far, they are well worth a listen. This remix was produced by SaneBeats, An 18 year old producer from london who is starting to undertake some hot remixes, his bass orientated music is well structured and stands out. This remix is going to be available on Bastille’s next EP. You can check out SaneBeats on his soundcloud here https://soundcloud.com/sanebeats and Bastille here https://soundcloud.com/bastilleuk . By far my favorite mix-tape by Bastille is Other Peoples Heartache. They cleverly cover a selection of well known tracks adding their own lyrics and original style into the music. They mash Well known hits by artists such as Lana Del Ray with their own work to create a truely amazing mixtape.


Exclusive Interview : Vanic DJ / Producer

Unorthodox Music recently interviewed Vanic, the Dj / Producer fresh out of Vancouver BC. Here’s everything you need to know about Vanic and his music!

Q1) What is your name, age and location?

A) I’m Jesse, I’m 24, and I’m from Vancouver, BC.

Q2) How did the come to the name Vanic?

A) I was brainstorming names after I decided I wanted to be an artist and a friend just suggested it and it stuck!

Q3)  When did you start producing / Djing?

A) I’ve played piano since i was 4, I dabbled in music production with reason 3 back in grade 12, but didn’t really take it seriously or spend much time on it. Then about a year and a half ago I decided (after some life changing events) to drop out of school and pursue music production. I wasn’t very good and I didn’t have anything except a laptop and a desire to make music, so its been a pretty big risk!

We’re sure that risk is going to payoff in the near future, Vanic’s production clearly stands out and sounds great!

*15/10/2015 Update – It really has paid off, Vanic’s latest track reached 6.6 million plays on soundcloud!

Q4) What would you say your major influences are and which other Artists or Djs inspire you?

A) My influences change constantly. I respect different artists for their different strengths. For example, I like Adventure Club’s ability to blend melodic/hard hitting sounds, its a difficult combination and it sort of inspires the melodic dubstep I make. I think Wolfgang Gartner makes some of the most amazing melodies. I think Showtek’s productions are really good. Knife party as well, although I prefer their earlier work!

Q5) Whats next for Vanic?

A)  I’m planning on focusing on a full year of production in all styles. Melodic dubstep is one of my favorites to make and listen to, but I also want more big room tunes for live performances. My next track coming out in a few weeks is a remix of Showtek and Noise Controllers – Get Loose, and I’m planning on bouncing between some big electro/house/dubstep and even trap influces.

So it looks like Vanic has a new track in the pipeline, which may appear on the site in the near future.We will be sure to keep up with him over the following weeks.

Q6) If you could pick to work with one Artist or Producer who would it be? 

A) If I could work with one artist… I think it would be major lazer, dillon francis or flux pavillion.

Yeah! We think you collaborating with Major Lazer would be sick too!

Q7) What advice would you give to someone just starting out?

A) My advice to anyone just starting out is just to work hard and try and perfect your sound. If you make good music everything else should follow (I’m hoping this happens for me!) I think my sound is far from perfect, but I work hard at it and try to improve constantly. I think that even though the tracks I make are all very different from each other, I really feel them personally, and I think other people respond to them because they feel the same emotion. Emotion in music is really important to me!

When we first heard Vanic’s Remix of Summertime Sadness we knew it was going to be a big tune. We picked it to be our summer anthem as we can really feel the emotion he adds to the track.

Q8) Which single track is your favorite / never fails to impress?

A) It’s hard to pick a favorite for me because all of my music is totally different, it depends on my mood. My remix of The Fear by Ben Howard is the first remix I’ve ever done, and I tried to keep it simple but emotional and a lot of people were really into it. It inspired me to keep going. I think currently though my most intense production is my remix of Summertime Sadness.

Q9) If you could pick to go on a date with any famous DJ/ Producer who would it be?

A) Welllllll I don’t know a lot of female Dj/Producers off the top of my head. Nervo comes to mind first and I’d take them on a date if they asked nicely!

I’m sure they would be lucky to go on said date!

http://www.facebook.com/djvanic | https://soundcloud.com/djvanic | https://twitter.com/djvanic

Collin McLoughlin – One Desire (Official Music Video)

Collin McLoughlin seems like the ideal package, a self made producer and vocalist on his own tracks, his music is something special and invokes emotion and a reaction in his listeners. His songs are easily to relate to for many people which must be one of the reasons hes getting on so well. Having said that it is quite clear that his production is excellent. The track posted above reminds me slightly on Too close by Alex Clare, and we all know how well known that track turned out to be. Collin McLoughlin may not have internet explorer behind him, but with a little help, He’ll be there in no time. The above track is the third track off of Collin’s new EP, “Tears of Tempo.”