Lost Village 2016 Playlist

Check out our playlist featuring almost 140 tracks from all 52 DJs performing at Lost Village Festival, from Fatboy Slim and Doorly to Jackmaster and Eats Everything. This is another great line up for 2016 with a mix of house, tech house, techno and electro.

“Long since concealed from the outside world, the Lost Village has been a source of suspicion and rumour for generations. From apparitions in the skies above its rustling treetops, to the misplaced souls that wonder it’s leafy corridors, plucked from the sands of time itself.

So, if you think you’re ready, take the road past the old fishing lake, towards the water tower. Ahead you’ll see a rusty gate, nestled amongst the darkened bushes, and a sign that reads ‘Keep Out!’. Beyond that gate is where you need to go, for beyond that gate is the forest of the Lost Village.

Once inside we can no longer promise your fate. Amongst the derelict buildings and winding pathways, you will encounter all manner of unusual characters. Speak to them, hear their stories, join their journey.

A kaleidoscopic dreamscape of sights, sounds, secret hideaways, banquets of fine food and rituals of the weird and wonderful all await those who dare to enter this mysterious place.

The gateway opens but once a year… Assemble your tribe, the Lost Village awaits.”



Unorthodox Music Huge Summer Selection

Our selection of tracks to kick-start the summer in style. These tunes are guaranteed to get you in the summer spirit, whether you’re partying poolside, chilling in the sun or cruising with the top down. This list contains music from almost every genre, there is something for everyone, yet it still provides a summer vibe throughout. At the time of posting, the list is made up of just over 3 hours of music but it will continue to grow until the end of summer! With a heatwave coming over the next couple of weeks you’re going to need this.


Swedish House Mafia : Leave The World Behind : UK Movie Premier Review

Swedish House Mafia – Leave The World Behind Movie Premier Review


 “A genuine insight into the lives of three seemingly normal Swedish guys, Only they are anything but normal, They are the Swedish House Mafia”

Last Friday we had the pleasure of attending the UK premier of Swedish House Mafia’s upcoming movie, ‘Leave the World Behind’ in London. Here’s how we think it went.


En-route to the film, personally I didn’t really know what to expect. I presumed the movie would include some tour footage, some information about how SHM started and then how and why they decided to call an end to it, but other than that I was very open minded about what we were going to see and about how the film could be structured.

The footage above shows how before the movie had even started, people were on their feet, dancing and raving. The majority of the audience were obviously fans of this kind of music and this created a unique atmosphere within the cinema that is rare to come across, and even rarer happens before the movie has started. (Apologies for the not so impressive footage quality)

Once the movie started, it was quick to captivate the audience. Within minutes it had already conveyed honest emotion and bought the viewers into the world of Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello. These three together created one of the most influential DJ collectives the world has ever seen.

We shared intimate moments with the families of the guys resulting in spikes of humor throughout the film, however a serious undertone was present and you could feel that something wasn’t quite right with the group. You saw behind closed doors and learnt information not previously available to the public or fans. This includes reasons for the split and the guys individual opinions on these. Without giving much away, you end up empathising with one member of the group more than the others. The movie gave the impression that one member had more to do with the breaking up of Swedish House Mafia than the other two.

The film goes right back to the beginning to before SHM was created. It was very interesting to see how the group met and became friends. The entire situation was very easy to relate to and I think many people who watch the movie will see similarities between their own friendships and those of SHM.

The music and sounds used  emphasised the atmosphere & feelings of the people involved, the soundtrack includes many fan favorites. Previously I was not aware of the huge scale of the SHM performances. Footage used from their last tour was incredible and the audience was in awe as to the sheer size of the venues. It even touched on their tour managers views and what it was like working with them.

To summarise, Swedish House Mafia is no more. To a-lot of people it’s a huge loss but I’m sure they will live on through their existing music. They will remain in their fans hearts for years to come. However we have to remember that they will each continue to perform and create music separately. We look forward to supporting each of them individually and seeing what they can come up with musically. Taking on board what has already been said in this feature, you can catch Axwell and Ingrosso at a selection of dates playing alongside each other and Steve, well Steve’s doing his own thing.


Unorthodox Music @ Ibiza Rocks The Snow

Back in December we here at Unorthodox Music went on a little trip over to the French alps for Ibiza Rocks the Snow’s launch week. This feature is going to detail what we got up to and give you a little bit more information about what goes on both on and off the slopes in Meribel and the surrounding areas.

On hearing about Ibiza Rocks expanding to the alps, we knew it was something we wanted to be a part of. For those of you who haven’t been lucky enough to visit either Ibiza or Mallorca Rocks in the past, they are fantastic venues / hotels who consistently book amazing talent from around the world to play on their stages. Couple that with a great holiday and the best weather you can imagine and you are probably somewhere near. Anyway, back to the alps.

On arriving at our hotel, it was around 1am local time, the staff offered to bring us dinner to our hotel room despite the time. It was a pretty good way to make a first impression. The view from our balcony the next morning wasn’t bad either!


We stayed in Hotel Le Mottaret, it’s all inclusive and you can ski to the front door making it very accessible to and from the slopes. There is a hot tub and during the Ibiza rocks weeks, normally a DJ playing the terrace every day. It’s the perfect place to relax in the sun after you have been out on the slopes or when you are getting ready to go out.

The first night, it was the RailJam in Meribel Centre. We hooked up with Kevin Backstrom  & Tor Lundstrom pictured below. (They’re kind of a big deal in the snowboarding world)


After the RailJam, we cought Doorly and NicolaBear’s sets in O’Sullivans, a club in a cave in Meribel. It was an honor to meet the legend that is Doorly and amazing to get to know the Bear.


The schedule for IRtS is jam packed to bring you as much music as possible, there are sets from multiple Djs and performances from bands every night and some venues such as Le Rond Point which is situated on the side of a slope, offer daytime Dj sets to keep you entertained. Underneath: K1R3Y spins some tunes on the terrace.


In the evening we had the pleasure of seeing Kissy Sell Out perform a set, he has a huge amount of talent and we recommend you see him live if you have the chance


It’s worth checking him out on Soundcloud, his mix from control at Avalon is similar and pretty amazing.

We did actually manage to get some skiing done during the week too, in-between the countless parties and sets. Unfortunately the only picture I’m going to give you is of this cable car, Pretty… isn’t it?


Check out these two posers @NicolaBear and @Ste-V-Something, both amazing people and equally talented DJs.


Ibiza definitely Rocks.


It’s worth pointing out, that musically there really is something for everyone, it’s not all Djs. There is a wide range of local and international talent put on throughout the week. Bands such as The Elements, Lucius Brave and Clean Bandit all took to the stage.


We had a great time during our stay with Ibiza Rocks in Meribel, there was a good selection of acts to keep everyone entertained and the vibe seems to have carried over from the other warmer locations that Rocks attendees are used to. We met some amazing people and would like to thank the following people for making it possible and also for making us so welcome. We have interviews from the Rocks Residents still to come so stay tuned for those!

Special Thanks to;

Lisa FaichneyStephen Guy
Ryan HughesNicola Bear
Jordan HallpikePatrick Nazemi
Toby BurrowsMartin Doorly
Daniel Kirby

If you would like more information on attending Ibiza Rocks the Snow, head over to the website at www.ibizarocksthesnow.com

Unorthodox Music Presents : The Ibiza Rocks The Snow Playlist

As some of you may know, we spent a week in December out in the French alps with Ibiza Rocks for the first installment of Ibiza Rocks The Snow. This is the first of many features from the trip. We are proud to present this playlist, a collection of 25 tracks picked by the resident Djs themselves. It’s guaranteed to get you ready to rock the snow!


1. 1. Eminem Kendrick Lamar- Love Game
2. 2. Danny Brown- Grown Up
3. 3. Nhan Solo- Tell You
4. 4. Sky Level 05- Picture Tomorrow
5. 5. Keni- Edit Murphy

1. Koreless- MTI (TWRK Rx)
2. Busta Rhymes- Thank you
3. Kelela-Cut 4 u
4. Mapei- Don’t wait (kingdom remix)
5. Arcade –Reflektor

Patrick Nazemi
1. Kanye West – Black Slaves (DJ Snake remix)
2. Just Blaze & Baauer – Higher
3. Danny Byrd feat. Roni Size – Grit
4. Busta Rhymes – Thank You
5. Merk & Kremont – Zunami

1. .Zinc – Golden Funk
2. DEVolution – Admire
3. Lxury – J.A.W.S
4. Celsius – Incoming
5. Badinga – Twrk

Unorthodox Picks
1. Breach Jack – DECiBEL Bootleg
2. Jaded (Original Mix) – Toyboy & Robin
3. Bassline – GotSome feat. Get Along Gang
4. Flex – Dizzee Rascal
5. Rather Be – Clean Bandit Feat. Jess Glynne
6. Ninetoes – Finder (Original)

For more information on Ibiza Rocks the Snow or to book your place –

Check out the website here – Ibiza Rocks The Snow

IBRTSPlaylist art

Exclusive Supported Act Announcement : TheFatRat (Inc Interview)

The latest addition to the Unorthodox family, TheFatRat, a very talented producer originating from Germany. We have been following him since he started and have watched him as he has grown into the rat he is today. We asked him a few questions to help you all to get to know him! The track found above is his latest Christmas Mixtape ensuring the holy night is not too silent. Also included is is remix of Icona Pop – All Night which is instantly recognisable by his funky, glitch-disco, electro-house, infectious sound.


Q1) How did the come to the name TheFatRat?

A) That name comes from my nickname in school. I was just called “the rat” there. Then people started giving the rat attributes like “the mean rat” and such. When I started playing online games, I used TheFatRat the first time. BTW, that was around the year 2000, so it was definitely not inspired by Deadmau5.

We believe you! Besides, the rat is surely mightier than the mouse. 

Q2) When did you start producing/ Djing?

A) Producing looong before Djing. I started in 2002. But as you can see, it took me a long time to get to a point were I somewhat like what I produce. About DJing: I don’t even really consider myself as a DJ. I know some real DJ’s with 1210 turntables and I would never compare myself to these guys. Most “DJ’s” today are electronic music artists in my opinion. I started that in 2012.

Q3) What would you say your major influences are?

A) Definitely Skrillex. I know, I know. He is totally not hipster because 12 year old kids listen to him. But he is such an amazing producer. Especially his early work is inspiring for me. Mad Cats are also one of my favorites.

Q4) Which other Artists or Djs inspire you?

A) Often music styles that have nothing to do with electronic music. I love Queen! But also Beethoven and Jason Mraz.

Q5) Whats next for TheFatRat?

A) Right now I’m finally getting back to focus on production again. I’ll do more bootleg remixes and free music. It’s cool to do work for record labels, but it makes things so much more complicated.

We look forward to more of your bootlegs and music, we can’t get enough of your individual disco glitchy sound.

Q6) If you could pick to work with one Artist or Producer who would it be?

A) Hummm. I’m usually not much of a coop-guy to be honest. But if you’d get me Freddie Mercury back from heaven into my studio, I’d definitely not say no.

We will try our best! I know we work magic but that may be a little too magic!

Q7) What advice would you give to someone just starting out?

A) I’m really bad in giving advice because in my humble opinion everybody has to find his or hers own way. What might be right for one person might be totally wrong for the next. Just do what you love to do.

Q8) Do you have plans to come to the UK?

A) I hope! I’ve been to the UK a few times. Not for playing shows though. The people are great and have the best sense of humor. So I hope I’ll get there soon.

Well hopefully we will change that in the future, we would love to have you for a show! We look forward to seeing you here!

Q9) Which single track is your favorite / never fails to impress?

A) Queen – Somebody to love

Q10) What would we find in your refrigerator if we looked right now?

A) Haha! Healthy food to be honest. And some mulled wine for Christmas time.

So there you have it, a disco glitch rat who drinks mulled wine! We are proud to have TheFatRat as one of our supported acts, you will of course hear more from us and the rat in the future. Below are a couple of our other favorite remixes by TFR himself.



The Unorthodox Music Weekend Wind-Up is here to satisfy all your music cravings. An almost weekly feature providing you a selection of tracks to kick-start your weekend and keep you going during pre-drinks or house parties. This is the fifth installment of the Weekend Wind-Up. We hope you enjoy our selection, stay tuned for #6 in the future!


Knife Party Haunted House : Brixton O2 Academy – Review

Over the weekend just gone we had the pleasure of visiting the O2 Academy in Brixton for Knife Party’s Halloween Celebration. The academy was host to a whole range of talent, as is apparent from the line-up. Knife Party were to be supported by none other than: Dillon Francis, Flosstradamus, Monsta, Lets Be Friends and Baratone.


When we arrived, it was immediately obvious that we had come to the right place, having not visited this O2 Academy before it really stands out! It started out as a cinema / theatre and then became the music venue it is today with a standing capacity of nearly 4,000 people downstairs.

20131102_193702After we were hustled through the seemingly tight security, we had a quick browse round the venue. Two large staircases (decorated accordingly) on either side of the lobby took you up to the balcony whilst several doors on the ground floor lead to the main room and Vip area. Knife Party merchandise was available, T-shirts and tank tops galore. We decided to head straight for the nearest bar. I don’t want to harp on about drink prices but £5.20 for a pint and £8.95 for a double vodka orange juice did seem kind of steep. Never the less the prices didn’t deter us and we proceeded to get a few drinks in. After finishing up at the bar we went to take a look at the stage, which was pretty amazing. The design of the stage was impressive and the lighting was already doing its best to entice people to dance. At this point we headed towards the front of the crowd as the venue was slowly starting to fill up.

Quick video from the balcony to give you an idea of the scale of the stage

When Lets Be Friends started their set, the pace picked up and the crowd started to dance more. I had heard of Lets Be Friends before coming down to London, however I hadn’t heard a set by them so I was unsure of what to expect. I can tell you now, the hype surrounding this pair is well deserved. The mix below is in places fairly similar to the one they played on Saturday night. It packs loads of tunes! Whilst they were only a support act, I’m sure they will soon be putting on their own shows. I for one would go and see them again. In regards to their set, what an intro! We couldn’t help but sing along, very clever guys! I’m sure you will hear more of Lets Be Friends from us. I’ve also included one of their tracks below.   

Dillon Francis has always been a bit of an idol to me, its no secret that I think he’s awesome, I only hope he heard me… “Dad?” A lot of people have said to me that he was their favourite act of the night. Despite a couple of technicalities his set was good (“fuck technology”) and included a couple of classics. Bootleg Fireworks sounds great live.


The most interesting discovery for me during this event, was during Flosstradamus’s set. Up until now, I have listened and supported trap music, but never really understood why it came about or attracted the massive following it has (Flossy have over 600k followers on soundcloud) This gig would be the one to reveal everything. When you have trap blasted into your ears from speakers the size of these, not only is the ground vibrating but you can feel the music pulsing through you and you can’t help but bust a move. If you have never been to a show with trap style music before, I would strongly recommend it, it will convert you into an all star trap loving raver.

As you can hopefully see from the main video on this post, Knife Party’s set went off! This is pretty close to the set Knife Party played, just in case you couldn’t be there.

After Knife party had finished, Monsta did a live version of Messiah. It was a nice touch to have some live vocals as this was the only time throughout the night that this happened.

To sum up, the show was great, the music and atmosphere in general were awesome, everyone wanted to be there and had the music as a common interest. I would recommend this event to anyone looking for something to do on Halloween. Assuming they are going to put it on again, we will see you all next year!