Collin McLoughlin – One Desire (Official Music Video)

Collin McLoughlin seems like the ideal package, a self made producer and vocalist on his own tracks, his music is something special and invokes emotion and a reaction in his listeners. His songs are easily to relate to for many people which must be one of the reasons hes getting on so well. Having said that it is quite clear that his production is excellent. The track posted above reminds me slightly on Too close by Alex Clare, and we all know how well known that track turned out to be. Collin McLoughlin may not have internet explorer behind him, but with a little help, He’ll be there in no time. The above track is the third track off of Collin’s new EP, “Tears of Tempo.”

Sub Focus ‘Turn It Around’ ft Kele (Radio Rip)

Sub focus provided us with a radio rip of their new single Turn it Around ft Kele, which will also be available on their new album. The new single is out 15th September 2013.

New album, ‘Torus’ out 23rd September and October UK Album Tour on sale Friday 26th July, exclusive pre-sale from Wednesday 24th July. | | |

Noisia Feat Foreign Beggars – Make Those Moves ( I am Legion)

So from the sound of things, Noisia and Foreign Beggars are now going to be releasing music under a new alias of I am Legion. This is good news, it means that there are bound to be many more tracks to come. If you like the sound of Noisa and Foreign Beggars together as much as I do then this news will have made your day.

All we have to go on so far is a radio Rip from Radio 1Xtra. The sound quality isn’t perfect but it gives you a good idea of the sound they are going for. If you like it, check out other tracks produced by these guys such as :

Shellshock – or

Contact –

They have a website in place ( ) With a mystical countdown currently standing at 80 Days. Perhaps the first album launch? Who knows! We also stumbled upon another track ripped from Radio 1 on youtube which appears to be from I am Legion, you can check that out here –