Tom Day – Midnight Mix 011

Track List:

Dakar Feat. Solo Tamas – Red Cup
Mason Maynard – Rydim
Gorgon City Feat. D Double E – Hear That
Anti Up – Pizza
Sandau – Dance Low
Idris Elba – Badman
Max Chapman, Leftwing & Kody – Catch My Breath
PAX – Happy Pills
Solardo – Be Somebody
Brett Gould – Crazy
Sonny Fodera & Danny Howard – Stand Up
Max Chapman – Do What You Like
Mat.Joe – On 3rd Street
Andrea Oliva – Terrace
The Golden Boy – Gimme Some
Mason Maynard – 13th Street
Rendher & Richard Ulh – Pop That Dirty
Kinnerman Feat. Moji – The Drums
Friend Within – Lonely

Unorthodox Talks: The Gordon Brothers

Unorthodox had a quick chat with the Gordon Brothers, rising stars of the West Midlands techno scene. From Coventry, the duo – Craig and Grant – have already notched up several victories including playing in London and Ibiza.


What were your musical tastes growing up – how did you get into this kind of music?

We’ve both always been into house music, but with different tastes. Grant first got into house music with a more tribal sound whilst Craig was always into a more darker sound. As we’ve both gotten older our tastes just became more similar – joining together just seemed the right thing to do.

Who are your favourite artists and inspirations?
It’d be really hard to pinpoint one artist in particular, but we generally we like the sound of people that play our favourite parties such as Music On & Circoloco in Ibiza. With that in mind we’d have to say big influences are Marco Carola, Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, Matthias Tanzimann, Apolonia, the list goes on!

When did you begin performing?
Craig would’ve started DJing in around 2005 – but just in his bedroom. For grant it started in around 2009 when Craig went to uni and left his decks at home!

Highlights and standout moments so far?
There’s been so many! Performing-wise, playing at Rainbow Warehouse in Birmingham is always good. Sometimes we can play in the courtyard cellar to 100 people crammed in and it’s banging or we could be up on the rooftop and playing to 300 people and it’s going off. Production-wise we’ve just had a track played at a Music On party in London so that’s been a big highlight.

How much of a scene is there in Birmingham? Have you experienced better/worse in other towns or cities?
Birmingham’s scene is really good at the moment. Over the recent Easter bank holiday weekend there were so many different events, which most of which were sold out! Chapter XII at the Rainbow was massive, then GLAS the next day was a roadblock also. The best thing that Birmingham has over smaller cities and towns is that people from all different backgrounds and areas come together and have a good time because they love the music.

Future plans and aspirations?
We’re just about to start a new management deal in June, and we aim to keep developing our style and get supported by artists which we have been looking up to!

Resident Advisor