Jared Evan “State I’m In”

Recently released for streaming, this track is from an album featuring a number of relatively well known and upcoming artists from America featuring bigger names like T.Mills, Yonas, Timeflies and Sam Adams. As well as some other favourites like Radical Something, M.i, Tayyib Ali, Somo and others. After hearing just two tracks from this album I can’t wait for it to be released which isn’t too much of a wait luckily with it being released on the 10/8/13. This Jared Evan track mixes his ability to rap and sing with a catchy hook and snappy verses, fans of him won’t have to wait long for new music as he is currently working on his new album! Be on the lookout for posts on other tracks from this album and a post on the album when it drops.

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James Hersey – Juliet

James Hersey from Vienna, Austria recently released the first track off his upcoming mixtape and if this track is anything to go by then it is going to be exceptional! The track has a great electronic vibe and just makes you want to dance, along with a catchy chorus that I find myself fighting the urge to not join in and sing along. The last release he put out was his TWELVE mixtape which was more mellow feeling but had great vocals and captivating lyrics. I’m really excited in the new direction he has taken with this track and will be keeping you all up to date with his future releases and the mixtape when it drops (date currently unknown)

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Lil Dicky – Too High

After releasing new content every Wednesday for four Months following his “So Hard” mixtape Lil Dicky releases the video for Too High and I have to say he has finished in style with a legendary video that only compliments the song too well. If your a teenager and you don’t like this guy there is something wrong with you! Check out the video above and also check out all his other music via his YouTube channel.


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I Am Legion [Noisia x Foreign Beggars] – ALBUM OUT NOW

I Am Legion’s album is here! Its packing 16 tracks, a list of which you can find below. As we have previously posted, I Am Legion is the collaboration between Noisia and Foreign Beggars.

1. Intro
2. Make Those Move
3. Farrda
4. Upper Ratio
5. Jelly Fish
6. Ice
7. Blue Shift
8. Loose On The Leaves
9. Choosing For You
10. Warp Speed Thuggin’
11. Stresses Part I
12. Stresses Part II
13. Sunken Submarine
14. Dust Descends ft. Strange U
15. Powerplay
16. Foil ft. D.Ablo

You can listen to a selection of the tracks above in the player located at the top of this post My personal favorites being Warp Speed Thuggin’ – with lyrics such as “I’m something like Walter White, how i got a hold on the elements”  and Powerplay with its heavy bassline and gully, grimy feel.

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Lil Wayne – Dedication 5

Lil Wayne dropped his latest addition to the dedication mixtape series earlier today after delaying its release by a few hours after deciding to add a few more tracks. I’ve never been a fan of Lil Wayne apart from the odd track here and there and I still don’t like him after playing this tape. His has literally nothing lyrical on the mixtape its standard Lil Wayne and I would celebrate if he where to retire from rapping quite frankly*. That being said their are some okay tracks on the mixtape and if anything its the features on the mixtape that outshine Wayne. Your song with Chance The Rapper is one of these tracks and the better Wayne tracks are over mainstream beats like New slaves, Bugatti and Fuckin Problems. Catch the mixtape stream and download at the top and leave a comment with your view on the release.



*These are the views of myself and not necessarily the views of Unorthodox Music Limited