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Hip-Hop / Rap / Grime

Hip-Hop / Rap / Grime

Ray-Ban Polarized Tour Germany // James Hersey

In this video, James Hersey teams up with Ray-Bans (yes as in sunglasses) and creates a video for the great sounding acoustic version of Juliet.

Quoted from our previous post :
“James Hersey from Vienna, Austria recently released the first track off his upcoming mixtape and if this track is anything to go by then it is going to be exceptional! The track has a great electronic vibe and just makes you want to dance, along with a catchy chorus that I find myself fighting the urge to not join in and sing along. The last release he put out was his TWELVE mixtape which was more mellow feeling but had great vocals and captivating lyrics. I’m really excited in the new direction he has taken with this track and will be keeping you all up to date with his future releases and the mixtape when it drops (date currently unknown)”

You may notice this track recently also took our spot as featured track on the website. You will be hearing more from James in the future so stay tuned!
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Mike Stud x Mod Sun x Huey Mack – Drunk When I Wake Up (remix)

Mike, Huey and Mod team up on this remix cover of Ed Sheeran’s hit ‘Drunk’ I’m not going to tell you it’s better than the original because I love it. There is a Drunk Remix EP which has five different remixes of the track available all of which I like. The way I look at this track is that it is totally separate to the original, that way it doesn’t need comparing. I like the new track and think it will be an Autumn Anthem in the US.

Mike Stud on Facebook – Mike Stud on Twitter

Huey Mack on Facebook – Huey Mack on Twitter

Mod Sun on Facebook – Mod Sun on Twitter


Exclusive Interview : Dylan Reese “Oh God”

Released only yesterday (29/09/13) was Dylan Reese’s latest single off his upcoming mixtape titled “Ellis”. “Ellis” is released today! The single itself has a simple beat but this perfectly fits Dylan with his flow and great lyricism throughout, matched with some fun visuals. Dylan has really progressed as an artist since his last mixtape “Recognition After Work” If you compare his recent music to that, it’s literally a night vs day comparison. Be sure to download Ellis on datpiff.com and like Dylan Reese on Facebook and follow him @DylanReeseMusic.

Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by DatPiff.com Now to move on to the interview with Dylan Reese. I wanted to try and ask some slightly different questions to the normal ones to get a insight to him as a person and build the anticipation for Ellis.

1. What age did you decide you wanted to pursue rapping and what was your aim to achieve and has that aim changed over the years?

I was about 16 when I started making music. It was really just a hobby, but once people started relating to my material...I began to take it more seriously. My aim is to tell my story in a relatable way & make a difference in people's lives. Cant wait to continue my journey!

2.What would you say is the overall feel from Ellis after listening to it? What can the listener expect?

"Ellis" is the story of my life up until now, in audio form. It's much different than any other project I've done. It's very personal, very honest. I hope you can hear the passion in my voice throughout. I think this is something you put on & just vibe to, its real laid back. My new record "Oh God" is easily the most up-tempo. The reason why it is in included in this project is because this is the type of record I've been trying to make all along. That "sound" was a part of my life & an important element to my young career. However, once you hear the whole project, you'll easily be able to tell that I'm headed in a different direction.

3. Have you expected your popularity to grow more than it has with your recent releases or are you happy with how things are going?

I try not to expect anything when I release a video/project. I just try to make the best music I can. However, I am very grateful for the national and international love I have been receiving, even if it's not on a massive level yet. My time will come, without a doubt. I'm happy with the way things are going because I'm happy with the content & the reaction of the people who ARE listening. The rest will catch on sooner or later if the material is good, which it is.

4. What are the plans for the future in regards to music, visuals, merchandise etc?

I'm looking forward to starting my next project already. I never stop working. Visuals will accompany that as always. I also have some brand new merchandise to accompany "Ellis" at www.dylanreesemusic.com, which will launch the same day as the album.

Just want to thank Dylan for taking the time to answer my questions and wish him well for the release of Ellis a very humble artist who I wish all the success in the world too!

Johnny Active Album “The Prelude”

Holla! It’s Whopps, I’m a writer here at Unorthodox Music, you might have seen some of my other posts on the site, however I thought I would change up the format for this post and attempt a video. There are some minor errors but hey, thats life! Big up to Johnny for hooking us up with some goodies! The album can be purchased on iTunes here and you can stream all the tracks here which will give you a taste of the style of music that Grady Welbourn aka Johnny Active makes. The album itself is a collection of songs which have grown on me the more I listen, its a nice casual album with a well rounded feel too the sound. I can honestly say there isn’t a bad track in my opinion which is rare for me these days as I tend to be pretty critical, on another note the album features also add to the sound nicely. You can stream in full Johnny’s mixtape “The Grady Bunch” here which is also well worth a listen and purchase if you’re that kind of person. Hope you have enjoyed this slightly different post and thank you again to Johnny Active for the goodies! Johnny should also have a video coming out soon so look out for that on his facebook and follow him @JohnnyActive.



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