Huey Mack – Pretending Perfection Album Announcement

Huey Mack is a 19 year old rapper from Morgantown, WV. Above, his album announcement trailer for ‘Pretending Perfection’. We honestly couldn’t be more excited for this album, if it’s anything to go by his previous work then it’s going to be amazing. Below are a couple of my favorite tracks for you to check out. More info to follow next month!

Including his version of Call me maybe:




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Ed Sheeran Ft Passenger – No Diggity (rossi sure mix)

I Stumbled across this on soundcloud, this Ed Sheeran / Passanger track has always taken my eye, and this edit brings something new to the classic, turning the summer acoustic tune into a more chillaxed poolside number. The creator, Ross (Rossi Sure), a 25 year old producer from a town called Menston just outside Leeds. Also available on his soundcloud is this remix of De La Soul – Oooh  with a free download. This may not be all you see of Ross on Unorthodox Music.

You can check him out here : Facebook | Soundcloud | Youtube

Avicii “True” Full Album Preview

Avicii’s next album titled “True” is set to be released on 17th September 2013, but here at Unorthodox Music we are giving you the opportunity to preview each track from the new album. These tracks have kindly been sourced by the guys over at fistintheair, thanks to them for putting them all in one place. You can preview the tracks in the player below. We are looking forward to this album, some people have said that this is Avicii’s way of pushing the boundaries of Electronic Dance music. Recently at Ultra Music Festival he played a selection of the tracks from this new album and the crowd’s reaction was extremely mixed. A portion of his fans even went as far as booing. Personally i like what he has done on this album, and wouldn’t like to criticize him for trying something new. Afterall this is the guy who started it all with Levels!

Nick Lyon – Interview And Debut Album

After stumbling upon his debut album by luck, I got the pleasure of asking Nick Lyon the 24 year old rapper from New York a few questions from how he got into music to his debut album and what he has planned for the future. Check out the interview below with some interesting answers in my opinion and a big thank you to Nick Lyon for taking the time to answer the questions for me!

Q1) At what age did you start to take a interest in rapping and what was the main reason for doing so?

I started rhyming in middle school. It started as poetry and just evolved from there.

Q2 How long did your debut album Channel61 take to complete and what does the name stand for?

Channel61 took about a year to create. The title stands for The National Geographic Channel…..which here is Channel 61. Thus the lion interludes.

Q3) I notice all production is handled by a fellow NY resident DAO JONES what is the connection between you guys how did you meet or hear about each other?

Me and Dao Jones knew of each other but didn’t really know each other that well before the project. I approached him for the production and just throughout the creating process we became good friends. We ended starting another project while down in Panama City beach , Florida for spring break promoting called The RapperProblems EP, which turned into a multi-city tour.

Q4) What can we expect in the future more original music or any remixes of popular songs?

I’m already in the studio working on my next EP , and The RapperProblems EP should be dropping this fall.


Check out Nick Lyon (above) on facebook, soundcloud, his website and instagram @NickLyon.

You can stream or download his Album Channel61 below.


DJ Shadow – ‘Diplo & Friends’ BBC Mix (PRE-AIR Version Without Interruptions)

In this episode of Diplo & Friends we are joined by DJ Shadow. If you don’t know DJ Shadow, You must have been hiding under a rock! He is one of the most legendary Djs… ever. That is just my opinion but it’s an opinion shared by many. DJ shadow has been around for ages, his most well known work including “Midnight in a Perfect World” and “Six Days”. He also had music featured on the game DJ Hero which, if you haven’t tried i would recommend.

Hotel Cabana – Album Out 26/08/13 (Preview Tracks here)

You may remember we posted not so long ago about Naughty Boy’s new album Hotel Cabana. It now has a solid release date 26/08/2013. If you click the image below it will take you to the official website where you can preview a large selection of the tracks from the new album. We weren’t wrong to be excited by the potential collaborations we expected, here you will see tracks featuring Tinie Tempah, Bastille, Ed Sheeran, Wiley and many others.



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Rain City Riot – Cold

High Rankin as some of you may know is a mainly dubstep style producer from the UK. Hes different to other acts in the way that his music and production is heavily laced with comedy. A quick search on youtube and you will find some pretty entertaining videos, such as “Shouting at the sky” which is a hilarious video about an EDM love triangle featuring Skrillex, Deadmau5 and Steve Aoki. Moving on to how this is relevant to Rain City Riot, words from High Rankin himself

“A brand new track for free download from my new project Rain City Riot. Different name, different vibes, same overweight idiot at the controls.”

So there you have it, Rain City Riot is a new, perhaps slightly more serious project from the guy behind High Rankin. The song itself starts off as more of an atmospheric work, then transforms into a beat heavy club track. The vocals are present all the way through. They are kind enough to offer a free download on soundcloud. We look forward to hearing more from Rain City Riot in the future.


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KYLE – Raining Love

After teaming up with Martin Solveig & The Cataracs for the biggest moment of his career so far with the release of Hey Now. KYLE release the track Raining Love of his upcoming album “Beautiful Loser” Which is available as of now. With his individual style and flow KYLE both sings and raps over a melodic beat full of synths which will undoubtedly get everyone hyped up for the album which can be ordered on iTunes here.

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