Ed Sheeran Ft Passenger – No Diggity (rossi sure mix)

I Stumbled across this on soundcloud, this Ed Sheeran / Passanger track has always taken my eye, and this edit brings something new to the classic, turning the summer acoustic tune into a more chillaxed poolside number. The creator, Ross (Rossi Sure), a 25 year old producer from a town called Menston just outside Leeds. Also available on his soundcloud is this remix of De La Soul – Oooh  with a free download. This may not be all you see of Ross on Unorthodox Music.

You can check him out here : Facebook | Soundcloud | Youtube

Rain City Riot – Cold

High Rankin as some of you may know is a mainly dubstep style producer from the UK. Hes different to other acts in the way that his music and production is heavily laced with comedy. A quick search on youtube and you will find some pretty entertaining videos, such as “Shouting at the sky” which is a hilarious video about an EDM love triangle featuring Skrillex, Deadmau5 and Steve Aoki. Moving on to how this is relevant to Rain City Riot, words from High Rankin himself

“A brand new track for free download from my new project Rain City Riot. Different name, different vibes, same overweight idiot at the controls.”

So there you have it, Rain City Riot is a new, perhaps slightly more serious project from the guy behind High Rankin. The song itself starts off as more of an atmospheric work, then transforms into a beat heavy club track. The vocals are present all the way through. They are kind enough to offer a free download on soundcloud. We look forward to hearing more from Rain City Riot in the future.


Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Jaymes Young – Dark Star (Jez Dior/SmarterChild Remix)

Jez Dior hops on Smarter Child s remix of James Young’s hit Dark star which is personally one of my favourite tracks with its mesmerizing hypnotic beat and the fantastic vocal talent of James young. This remix just adds another dimension to the song with Jez Dior gracing it with his smooth flow and lyricism as well as a more upbeat tempo to the song from Smarter Child. Both these artists have great solo material so please check them out in the links provided!

Check out Jez Dior’s amazing album Scarle†† Sagefacebook and twitter.

Check out Jaymes Young on soundcloud, facebook and twitter.

San Cisco

On the 30th of May , the new age Australian indie band San Cisco covered the newly released Daft Punk track ‘Get lucky’ on tripplej.
In which they successfully integrated their own sound and twist into it. By softening and calming different aspects of the original song with the removal of the piano , heightening the use of the high hat and the inclusion of a more distinctive roll for the other different types of drums used, helped them keep a constant calming rolling flow through out the song.
They’ve only been going since 2009 and have a number of EPs out that are worth checking out.

San Cisco – Awkward