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Soeze – Flawless

Dreamy but restless, with an intriguing vocal. Sits well in the background; understated.

Aether – For You


Ironically, the track sounds like it’s seeping out of the ether, or another dimension: soothing ethereal textures abound, until a snappy beat wrenches you back into consciousness. It’s also like waking up inside a dream sequence. Gently unintelligible lyrics drift throughout, but not to the the track’s detriment – mysterious as they are, they add to an overall sense of surreality.

Perfect ambient/chillout stuff, while the beat keeps your feet from leaving the ground. Sterling stuff.

Noble Oak – Dream-Spark


Soothing dreamscapes are punctuated by punctual beats and piano that happily skips back and forth over the track, before a slight tempo increase doesn’t exactly make the listener sit up and take notice but accentuates the spiralling melodies. While Dream-Spark doesn’t build to a climax, the process of it audibly ‘building’ is one to savour.

That said, the Toronto-based musician classes himself as ‘endless drift’, possibly establishing a new subgenre of sorts. His other self-identified genre is that of dreampop, which is more noticeable (and just as enjoyable) on the gorgeous Moonlight, featuring vocals that soothingly mix in with the audio tapestries.

With a song premiered on Phil Taggart’s show on Radio 1 and a steadily growing bank of available Soundcloud material, Noble Oak’s star may soon be in the ascent, and deservedly so.


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EVALYN – The Hills x Nightcall (Prod. Louis Vivet)

Something with a little more chill for a Sunday. Evalyn, a rapidly emerging pop singer and songwriter based out of Los Angeles takes these two classics by The Weeknd and Kavinsky and creates something entirely different. She is currently working towards completing her debut solo EP. She created this cover by fusing her versatile styles in a single showcase of her future projects. We can’t say for sure what these projects will contain but she has certainly perked our interest with this release. You can also check out the accompanying video below. Both the track and the video are beautiful and we are sure this won’t be the last you see of Evalyn here at Unorthodox.

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Lorde – Tennis Court (Flume Remix)

Flume absolutely kills it with this remix of Lorde’s Tennis Court.

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