Jaguar Skills – V festival Live Set

I’m a big fan of Jag, and I’ve seen him live a few times and his live sets don’t disappoint. If you were lucky enough to attend V Festival then you might have seen him. Within the past two months he released his second album ‘Jaguar Skills & His Amazing Friends Volume 2’ – You can check out his full live set in the soundcloud player above. HOOOOooooOOO!


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I Am Legion – ‘Choosing for You’

Two months ago we posted about Noisia and Foreign Beggars teaming up and releasing music under a new alias. That post turned out to be spot on. I Am Legion, have today premiered a video for their new track ‘Choosing for you’. I Am Legion consists of the three boys from Noisia and the British Hip-Hop / Rap duo Foreign Beggars. ‘Choosing for you’ is the second single from their collaboration. I was a fan of both these groups before they linked together, although they have both worked together in the past to create some serious tunes. I’m pumped that they are now officially working together under one name and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us! They also have a European tour coming up, more info on that when we get it!



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Hoodie Allen – “Americoustic” EP #Americoustic

I’m sure for most of you i don’t need to introduce Hoodie Allen. Born in 1988 in New York, Steven h Markowitz started writing lyrics as a kid and performing at house parties. After leaving college he took up a job at Google, he would work all day there and then when he arrived home, start writing lyrics, replying to fan emails and arranging gigs. His passion was music, so when he got the opportunity to start performing he left Google.

He has released a fair number of Albums and EPs since 2009, His third mixtape Leap Year hit 250k Soundcloud plays in its week of release. Come 2012 he bought out an EP titled ‘All American’ which showcased some of his best music to date. Today marks the release of Americoustic – It currently sits at #6 album on iTunes.



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Huey Mack – Pretending Perfection Album Announcement

Huey Mack is a 19 year old rapper from Morgantown, WV. Above, his album announcement trailer for ‘Pretending Perfection’. We honestly couldn’t be more excited for this album, if it’s anything to go by his previous work then it’s going to be amazing. Below are a couple of my favorite tracks for you to check out. More info to follow next month!

Including his version of Call me maybe:




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Ed Sheeran Ft Passenger – No Diggity (rossi sure mix)

I Stumbled across this on soundcloud, this Ed Sheeran / Passanger track has always taken my eye, and this edit brings something new to the classic, turning the summer acoustic tune into a more chillaxed poolside number. The creator, Ross (Rossi Sure), a 25 year old producer from a town called Menston just outside Leeds. Also available on his soundcloud is this remix of De La Soul – Oooh  with a free download. This may not be all you see of Ross on Unorthodox Music.

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Avicii “True” Full Album Preview

Avicii’s next album titled “True” is set to be released on 17th September 2013, but here at Unorthodox Music we are giving you the opportunity to preview each track from the new album. These tracks have kindly been sourced by the guys over at fistintheair, thanks to them for putting them all in one place. You can preview the tracks in the player below. We are looking forward to this album, some people have said that this is Avicii’s way of pushing the boundaries of Electronic Dance music. Recently at Ultra Music Festival he played a selection of the tracks from this new album and the crowd’s reaction was extremely mixed. A portion of his fans even went as far as booing. Personally i like what he has done on this album, and wouldn’t like to criticize him for trying something new. Afterall this is the guy who started it all with Levels!

DJ Shadow – ‘Diplo & Friends’ BBC Mix (PRE-AIR Version Without Interruptions)

In this episode of Diplo & Friends we are joined by DJ Shadow. If you don’t know DJ Shadow, You must have been hiding under a rock! He is one of the most legendary Djs… ever. That is just my opinion but it’s an opinion shared by many. DJ shadow has been around for ages, his most well known work including “Midnight in a Perfect World” and “Six Days”. He also had music featured on the game DJ Hero which, if you haven’t tried i would recommend.