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Unorthodox Talks: The Gordon Brothers

Unorthodox had a quick chat with the Gordon Brothers, rising stars of the West Midlands techno scene. From Coventry, the duo – Craig and Grant – have already notched up several victories including playing in London and Ibiza.


What were your musical tastes growing up – how did you get into this kind of music?

We’ve both always been into house music, but with different tastes. Grant first got into house music with a more tribal sound whilst Craig was always into a more darker sound. As we’ve both gotten older our tastes just became more similar – joining together just seemed the right thing to do.

Who are your favourite artists and inspirations?
It’d be really hard to pinpoint one artist in particular, but we generally we like the sound of people that play our favourite parties such as Music On & Circoloco in Ibiza. With that in mind we’d have to say big influences are Marco Carola, Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, Matthias Tanzimann, Apolonia, the list goes on!

When did you begin performing?
Craig would’ve started DJing in around 2005 – but just in his bedroom. For grant it started in around 2009 when Craig went to uni and left his decks at home!

Highlights and standout moments so far?
There’s been so many! Performing-wise, playing at Rainbow Warehouse in Birmingham is always good. Sometimes we can play in the courtyard cellar to 100 people crammed in and it’s banging or we could be up on the rooftop and playing to 300 people and it’s going off. Production-wise we’ve just had a track played at a Music On party in London so that’s been a big highlight.

How much of a scene is there in Birmingham? Have you experienced better/worse in other towns or cities?
Birmingham’s scene is really good at the moment. Over the recent Easter bank holiday weekend there were so many different events, which most of which were sold out! Chapter XII at the Rainbow was massive, then GLAS the next day was a roadblock also. The best thing that Birmingham has over smaller cities and towns is that people from all different backgrounds and areas come together and have a good time because they love the music.

Future plans and aspirations?
We’re just about to start a new management deal in June, and we aim to keep developing our style and get supported by artists which we have been looking up to!

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Disciples to visit Birmingham on first headline tour


Hotly-tipped production trio Disciples will play Birmingham’s Rainbow Venues (specifically the Warehouse) this Thursday, March 24th as part of their first headline tour.

After initial acclaim, Disciples exploded with their Calvin Harris collaboration How Deep is Your Love last August. They were nominated for Best British Single and British Artist Video of the Year at the 2016 Brit Awards.

Support will come from Icarus and Unorthodox (not us). Having attended one of their previous shows, I can tell you they will bring some big club beats with a set more than fitting to the rainbow venue.

Tickets are available here

Chapter XII – Rainbow Venues Festival Birmingham: Final tickets on sale!

This Saturday (March 26th) Birmingham’s Rainbow Venues will celebrate its 12th birthday with its biggest ever show.

With 12 hours of techno and house across 7 stages, Chapter XII will mark the occasion in style.

The lineup is as follows:

Art Department
Dubfire – Hyrbrid Live
Guy Gerber
Jamie Jones
Joseph Capriati
Loco Dice
Maya Jane Coles
Nic Fanciulli
Richie Hawtin

Adam Shelton
Alan Fitpatrick
Crazy P
Dense & Pika
Enzo Siragusa
George Fitzgerald
Infinity Ink
Mak & Pasteman
Mella Dee
Nick Curly
Patrick Topping
Russ Yallop



Last entry will be at 4pm.

Final release tickets are on sale now, priced at £40 from 

Inpetto – How We Used To Do

Hands up, who remembers Toca’s Miracle? And if the name doesn’t immediately ring any bells, a quick visit to YouTube will award you with a free slice of 90’s nostalgia.

Inpetto, the German DJ duo behind the 1999 hit, have made an awesome comeback with new track How We Used To Do, an irresistibly danceable, satisfying piece full of rich melodies and infectious beats which comfortably goes toe-to-toe with their previous smash.

Having made names for themselves as formidable remixers, with praise from such luminaries as David Guetta and Axwell, the Duderstadt brothers are building on a reputation as one of the best DJ acts in Europe.

Inpetto will perform at Tomorrowland Brazil 2016.

Soeze – Flawless

Dreamy but restless, with an intriguing vocal. Sits well in the background; understated.

Saen. – Plastic Doll

Sultry and assured vocals under beats that are minimalist, yet filling. The overall impression is quite exotic, almost soundtracking the usual exotic-location segment of a James Bond film. The track saves its take-off moment for the 3:05 mark, bursting into dazzling technicolour and absolutely begging for an extended remix.

Perfect for anyone already wistfully assembling their summer playlists and booking flights. Evoking evening beach parties and sun-drenched adventures impossible to achieve in Britain, best served with a garnish of carefree youth and pure happiness.

Aether – For You


Ironically, the track sounds like it’s seeping out of the ether, or another dimension: soothing ethereal textures abound, until a snappy beat wrenches you back into consciousness. It’s also like waking up inside a dream sequence. Gently unintelligible lyrics drift throughout, but not to the the track’s detriment – mysterious as they are, they add to an overall sense of surreality.

Perfect ambient/chillout stuff, while the beat keeps your feet from leaving the ground. Sterling stuff.

Rock, paper, dance: five artists standing between rock and dance/electronic

Traversing unfamiliar territories can be a daunting prospect. Stripped from your comfort zone, shivering as the strange and the frightening surrounds you. Is it not possible, though, to at least come away with a new favourite song or band?

Either you’re firmly entrenched in dance/electro and are curious about stringed instruments being at the forefront, or grow slightly tired of relentless guitar riffs and are soothed by electronic textures and shaken by beats that can be just as heavy as downtuned eight-string bowel-churning chug.

With this in mind, here’s five artists bridging the gap between genres, in different ways.

Enter Shikari

One of the UK’s best young-ish rock bands – with a second (!) blistering second-stage headline slot at last year’s Download Festival under their belts, Enter Shikari seamlessly mix chugging riffs with dance-y bleeps, boops and thuds, always to excellent effect. The two ingredients easily mesh, making dance moshable and rock danceable.


Killing Joke

The post-punk legends have always acknowledged their dance influences, usually blending it deep into their favoured brand of hellish noise. Sometimes, however, the scales are tipped just a bit more in the dance fan’s favour. Also lifelong dub fans, bassist and celebrated producer Youth finally completed his three-disc KJ In Dub labour of love, collecting amazing remixes from the band’s thirty years-plus existence.

Amongst a veritable treasure-trove of mixes was a gorgeous interpretation of previous single In Cythera:

Nine Inch Nails

Generally categorised – although categorising isn’t recommended – as angst-ridden industrial rock, mainman Trent Reznor’s penchant for hard beats and ethereal dreamscapes is writ large, not least on the Ghosts I-IV compilation, countless NIN remixes and ditties like this:


Steven Wilson

Usually found constructing grandly conceptual prog-rock masterpieces, Steven Wilson’s influences are proudly acknowledged as coming from almost every spectrum of music itself – he may usually be wielding a guitar, but makes successful forays into various genres, to unnervingly accomplished results. Indeed, last year’s colossal Hand.Cannot.Erase. album often combined several of these into one song alone. Single Perfect Life may be his most precise channelling of this influence yet, telling a heart-breaking story with electronic scene-setting and beautiful atmospheres and textures.


However, for a ‘purer’ experience, there is his no-nonsense Unreleased Electronic Music, Vol.1:



Slotting back into balls-out rock after previous electronic-leaning flirtations, the festival-swallowing Teignmouth trio’s masterful songwriting and genre-hopping fearlessness nevertheless produced Follow Me, a stonking piece of epic electro-pop with a slamming chorus.



An honourable mention, meanwhile, goes to spooky instrumental The Gallery, a fascinating gem tucked away on Disc 1 of the stadium-bothering band’s Hullabaloo collection:



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